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I'm looking for a better solution, to read CDATA with Javascript (or a DOM-Utility like jQuery). It seems not to be possible, to access CDATA with javascript directly.

Here's my snippet, but it's quite ugly for my opinion:

<div id="becks" data-my-favorite="<![CDATA[ I like <br>German beer and busty woman]]>"></div>

var text = $('#becks').data('myFavorite').split('<![CDATA[')[1], 
    text = text.split(']]>')[0];

    log(text) // "I like 
                  German beer and busty woman"
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(a) .data('my-favourite') is closer to what you want; (b) you can't have CDATA within attribute values, can you? (They're usually declared as CDATA or PCDATA or an option set, at least in SGML-based HTML. No idea what happens in HTML5.) –  James Aylett Mar 11 '12 at 23:02
<div id="becks" data-my-favorite="<![CDATA[...]]>"></div> is not even valid HTML. I suggest you fix that instead of trying to find a way around it by bending jQuery. –  Tomalak Mar 11 '12 at 23:03
Of course, <div id="becks" data-my-favorite="<![CDATA[...]]>"></div> is valid HTML5 ! –  cept0 Mar 11 '12 at 23:47

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How about instead re-framing the problem to avoid including HTML entities in your data attribute?

<div id="becks" data-my-favorite="I like\nGerman beer and busty woman"></div>

var text = $('#becks').attr('data-my-favorite').replace('\n','<br />');
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