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I'd like to ask what todays best practice of writing page navigation is for web pages with JSF 2? For now I only know defining the return strings of my backing beans, which are then mapped to the according url's. @Controller, @RequestMapping and so on.

But now I'm looking for something especially decoupling backing beans and navigation handling.

Would it be worth to take a look into Spring webflow? Or is there better / easier?


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Jsf 2.0 has what is called implicit navigation. It works like this: if an action result matches a view id (ie jsf page), the navigation will take you to that view. You don't really need any annotations for that.

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Ok, that’s a really neat feature in jsf2. But one more question: Often even in Spring 3.x sample apps I see @Controller with many navigation handling (@RequestMapping) and so on. What are these good for, and why do people use them so often? ty –  membersound Mar 12 '12 at 17:39
Those are Spring MVC annotations. Those follow a different web application paradigm in comparison to JSF. There's a thread about that here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2136295/spring-compared-to-jsf-2 –  Andre Mar 12 '12 at 20:06

PrettyFaces is very good library for management of navigation in JSF, and SEO friendly, intuitive URL addresses. Navigation can be configured using annotations or in separate XML file. I use this library whenever I can.


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Here is a great reference to JSF2 navigation, I use it all the time!


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