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i'm a little new to libgdx library (opengl wrapper library) under android . i've noticed that the examples have the same resources files (images) on both the desktop and android projects.

is there a way to have those files reside on one project (even an additional ,library project) so that both the android and the desktop projects will use it? maybe have a linking of resources of some kind? in short, does anyone know of the best practice of this problem?

could libgdx even handle any folder that is not in the assets folder of an android project?

ok , the sortest answer i got is that , assuming that both desktop and android projects are on the same folder : go to the desktop project ->java build path->source -> linked source ->path variables-> put "PARENT-1-PROJECT_LOC/ANDROID_PROJECT_FOLDER/assets" . and then , from now on , put the assets files only inside the android project.

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This article on libGDX wiki is helpful regarding your question: LibGDX Project Setup.

Check the part Asset folder setup.

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