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In my program, there are 5 five button. Different actions will be performed based on the choice of the button. However, I just assign one IBAction to all button. Is there any method that can help me to detect which button the users choose inside a single IBAction? Thank you so much!

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Don't know xcode but are there any id fields possible for a button? – Chetter Hummin Mar 12 '12 at 0:57
You ID items in your interface by declaring them in your header file... IBOutlet UIButton *myButton1; Then you can link these declarations to your interface so Xcode knows which interface items your talking about in your code. – Mick MacCallum Mar 12 '12 at 1:25
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Assuming your buttons have their

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIButton *menuButton;

You can change the function like this:

- (IBAction)actionButtons:(UIButton*)sender {
    if ([sender isEqual:menuButton]) {
        NSLog(@"Menu Pressed");

This way you can use the tags for something else (I use them to denote in what stage I am of the interface for example)

PD: You might want your button to be weak, i got them linked as strong for a reason.

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Assign each of the buttons a unique tag property. Then, check this in your IBAction method:

- (IBAction)theActionDone:(id)sender
    UIButton *button = (UIButton *)sender;

    switch (button.tag)
        case 1:
            //do stuff for button one

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The sender will be the calling objects.

- (IBAction)theActionDone:(id)sender;

If you have many buttons calling theActionDone: above, the sender is the button calling (either the cell or button control, either way you can work your way up from there).

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