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In my Visual Basic 2010 Express application I have the following code:

Dim pNo As Integer

If (pNo = 0) Then pNo = numericUpDown.Value 'If the value is 0 then it becomes the variable:
    If (pNo > numericUpDown.Value) Then 'If the variable is greater than the stored variable:
        If (pNo / 2 >= numericUpDown.Minimum And numericUpDown.Value <> pNo / 2) Then 'If half the variable is greater than or equal to the minimum variable and the variable does not equal half the value of the variable:
            numericUpDown.Value = pNo / 2 'The variable will equal half the variable.
                Exit Sub
            End If
            If (pNo < numericUpDown.Value) Then 'Otherwise, if the variable is less than stored variable:
                If (pNo * 2 <= numericUpDown.Maximum And numericUpDown.Value <> pNo * 2) Then 'The opposite of the last calculation is made:
                    numericUpDown.Value = pNo * 2 'The variable is equal to double the variable.
                Exit Sub
            End If
        End If
    End If
pNo = numericUpDown.Value 'The variable is equal to the numericUpDown value.

This lets me to double or halve the number, but it can't jump to the number immediately.

e.g. I have 8 currently in the numericUpDown. If I want to get 32 I should be able to simply type 32 into the numericUpDown. But when I do that, the numericUpDown only goes to 16, because it's only recognising a larger value and not the specific value I type in.

How would I be able to double or half the value when I press it, but also allow a number to be typed in directly?

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Sorry, why is my post unclear or how does it not show any research effort? Give me constructive criticism please, not a negative number. – MWK Mar 12 '12 at 1:38

If you derive a user control from the stock numeric control, you can make the up/down buttons do whatever you want.

So, For what it's worth...

Public Class MyNumericUpDown
  Inherits NumericUpDown

  Public Overrides Sub DownButton()
      Dim X = Me.Value / 2
      If X < Minimum Then X = Minimum
      Me.Value = X
  End Sub

  Public Overrides Sub UpButton()
      Dim X = Me.Value * 2
      If X > Maximum Then X = Maximum
      Me.Value = X
  End Sub
End Class
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