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We just migrated to SP 2010 and I am trying to migrate a report library. I had no problems updating the project and re-deploying reports. They work just fine. The problem is that in my Default View or any Report Category view the report names are not visible. I double checked that the names are visible in properties. If I add a Title or Description they show up just fine. For some reason the name will just not display.

The only way I can get the names is the All Reports and Dashboards view.

Here is a screenshot of my Default View: enter image description here

I suppose I can just use the Title field as a work around. But that solution does not allow the user to click the name to view the report and that is what they are used to.

I can view the reports by clicking the type image. Any ideas of why the name will not display are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I discovered the solution. In SP 2007 the default view was using the column Report Name. Changing it do Document Name instead resolved the issue.

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