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Is possible add simply counter to legends? In this example:

Mushrooms (3)
 Onions (1)
Olives (1)
Zucchini (1)
Pepperoni (2)

Is possible to make? If yes, how?

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You can do that easily by including the counter at the end of the legend string. Let's suppose your values come from an object with a structure such as:

var data = {
    'Mushrooms': 3,
    'Onions': 1,
    'Olives': 1,
    'Zucchini': 1,
    'Pepperoni': 2

What you can do is generate a rows array like:

var rows = [];
for (ingredient in data) {
        ingredient + " (" + data[ingredient] + ")",

You can see it in action in this fiddle

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The above is just a demo, when you pass your own objects you can pass any data you like.

Pass in the object(json for example)

function drawChart(json_obj){

var options = {'title':'How Much Pizza I Ate Last Night, Total: ' + json_obj.count,


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