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Super simple question, I couldn't find a concrete answer out there.

Is RabbitMQ suitable for RPC-like operations when processing HTTP requests?

I'm interested in firing off a message when a user HTTP request is received, waiting for the response from a backend server, and then sending the response to the client.

Is that a common use scenario? Are people doing it with success? Any pitfalls? Any examples or common design patterns?

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Yes we use rabbitmq in a similar fashion in production.

See Request Reply Pattern

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Well I guess you can't argue with use in production! Thanks! –  Andrew Mar 21 '12 at 14:07
We looked all over for a simple way to expose amqp over http, its not a straight forward mapping. If was starting today I would do it with node.js (node-amqp) and build the http protocol the way i wanted to support my particular use cases. The biggest thing to think about is authentication via http to rabbit .. –  LenW Mar 21 '12 at 19:15

This has worked for me, I do suggest you look at the Web messaging extentions/tools though:


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