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I'm working on an MVC 3 website for a small business which has a database containing a few tables. There is a table for Products, a table for Feedback, and the table this question is about: Orders.

For placing orders, I have set up a shopping cart. When the user is ready to check out, they enter some info and arrange for a pickup date. This "Order" is then saved the database, where the Admin(s) can then see and respond to. I need to save the products from the shopping cart in a list, which will be contained in an entity called OrderInfo.

My question is, how can I set up a relationship between tables (foreign keys) to get a new table which associates OrderIDs with the Product entities that are on those orders?

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Do not save the products from the order in a single field as a list. Fields are supposed to be atomic, and it is bad form to store lists like this.

Instead, have a separate table called orderItem that stores each product in a separate row and maps them to the order they belong to via FK to the Order table.

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If you have tables like this:

create table Products
    pkProducts int not null primary key clustered,
    Name varchar(256) not null,

create table Orders
    pkOrders int not null primary key clustered,
    Name varchar(256) not null,

You would then create a join table that will house the many-to-many-relationship between Products and Orders:

create table OrderProduct
    fkOrders int foreign key references Orders (pkOrders),
    fkProducts int foreign key references Products (pkProducts)

If you wanted to get all products from a particular order (I used Name for the order, but you could use a more pertinent field for your domain logic):

select p.Name
from Products p
inner join OrderProduct op
on p.pkProducts = op.fkProducts
inner join Orders o
on o.pkOrders = op.fkOrders
where o.Name = 'Some Order Name'
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That sounds about what I'm trying to do; do you by chance know how I could do this through the Visual Studio database (Server) explorer? – Chris V. Mar 12 '12 at 2:58
@ChrisV. I personally prefer to use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to do all of my database development (DDL and DML), so I am not so verse with VS' database dev tools. There's got to be a way to just open up a new query window within VS. Then you can just copy, paste, and modify accordingly these CREATE TABLE batches. – user596075 Mar 12 '12 at 3:03

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