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I am scheduling the a query to a table for each database in a particular instance. The query and table for each database are similar. I direct the query results to text file. Before the query results, I include the database where the particular query is being made. In my test in AdventureWorks, however, the result I got is a database name with very long underline.

Below is the output I got:


2009-05-29 12:54:28.460

Below is the query I invoked:

set nocount on
use AdventureWorks
select DB_NAME()as DatabaseName
select AttemptDate from dbo.ChangeAttempt

My question is: How do I shorten the lines below the database name?

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SELECT LEFT(DB_NAME(), 20) AS DatabaseName
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Thanks. It works. I just increase the 20 to 40 to accomodate long database name which I notice in some of the databases. – titanium Jun 8 '09 at 18:36

use LEFT()

try this:

declare @mytabel table (longvalue  varchar(1000))

select longvalue from @mytabel

select left(longvalue,50) as longvalue from @mytabel



(0 row(s) affected)


(0 row(s) affected)
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Huh. I learned something new today. Thanks for posting this. – Aaron Alton Jun 8 '09 at 18:18
in text mode, sql server will put one "-" minus char for each possible character len of the column. reduce the possible max length and you get fewer "-" minus characters... – KM. Jun 8 '09 at 18:33

What output would you get from this query?

set nocount on
use AdventureWorks
select DB_NAME() as DatabaseName, AttemptDate from dbo.ChangeAttempt
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