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My system runs some MySQL queries in PHP to retrieve data. The data that is retrieved is structured in an array similar to below:

$ret = array(
    "name" => "John Doe",
    "location" => "Antarctica",
    "description" => "Height < 200"

I return this through AJAX via:

echo json_encode($ret);

The AJAX error event is fired and upon inspection of the returned data (jqXHR.responseText) via Chrome console, I'm noticing:

"description" : "Height \x3c 200"

which is throwing a parse error.

I know that \x3c is the hex representation of "<" and apparently, that form renders the JSON invalid. I can't seem to find a way to make it such that I'm able to pass the angled bracket via JSON in a valid form. Direct string replace of "\x3c" on the PHP side doesn't work.

Further, I know that specifying the AJAX return as HTML will work, but I'm passing a set of data hence the use of JSON.

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Try this:

echo json_encode( $ret, JSON_HEX_TAG );

Use json_last_error() to debug.


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Works perfectly - thanks! – kaspnord Mar 12 '12 at 13:07

Using the native Chrome JSON object (window.JSON), i am able to parse the output from you php program no problem,

"description" : "Height \x3c 200"

and am able to serialize that into a javascript JSON object.

var jsonString = JSON.stringify({"description": "Height \x3c 200"});
//jsonString has the value "{"description":"Height < 200"}"

var jsonObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);
//jsonObject has an object that looks like this 
//description: "Height < 200"
//__proto__: Object

if you need compatibility with browsers that don't support a native JSON object, i would recommend using a library such as JQuery.

Additionally, the json_encode() function in PHP can be passed a configuration object to customize exactly how your JSON is encoded, if you don't like the '\x3c', you can change it to something your javascript parser may like better like '≶' :)


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I'm using a third-party JS control so I don't have the opportunity to manipulate the AJAX-returned data via methods like JSON.stringify(). However, the json_encode() modifiers work like a charm :) – kaspnord Mar 12 '12 at 13:10

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