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I put the line exec git --git-dir /home/gcom370p/stu013/express/.git pull /home/gcom370p/stu013/express.git master in the middle of my hook script, and that line executes just fine, but anything after it doesn't execute any more.

This is my post-receive hook script: http://pastie.org/3574320

Any idea why?

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exec replaces the currently executing process with whatever it runs. You don't want that. Just put the command without exec in front of it. It'll still run the command, it just won't replace the shell itself.

git --git-dir /home/gcom370p/stu013/express/.git pull /home/gcom370p/stu013/express.git master
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Wow, that simple eh!? hehe –  trusktr Mar 12 '12 at 4:01

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