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I'm developing GoogleAppEngine(GAE) applications and most of our has known that deploying apps to GAE's server take too long time.

Now, if i want to save time of development. I will run from Menu on local machine. When open Firefox/Chrome with GWT Development Plugin this link: Certainly, if my machine has address: in Local network. I can make some calls from local machines to this address: h t t p : / /

It's okay if the above Servlet does not has any GWT component. Otherwise, the link: is not available. I can't do something, like call to RPCs.

I'm sure that i need to configure "gwt.codesvr" parameter. I dont know what does it mean, what should i place in gwt.codesvr parameter.

Can anyone show me the meaning of gwt.codesvr and GWT Developement Plugin's role

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The gwt.codesvr is how GWT browser plugin and dev server communicate. In dev mode GWT code is not compiled to Javascript, but is executed directly as Java bytecode on server. From the docs on Compile & Debug:

When an application is running in development mode, the Java Virtual Machine  
(JVM) is actually executing the application code as compiled Java bytecode, 
using GWT plumbing to connect to a browser window.

You can also run code in production mode (= compiled to JS, run in browser) on your dev server, but you need to compile it first, then invoke it without the gwt.codesvr in the Url.

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