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I was trying to include my slider.js file to spree application but it is not working. I have looked and found that we must include it manually in all.js file but its not working.

I include in my all.js file:

//= require store/spree_core
//= require store/spree_auth
//= require store/spree_api 
//= require store/spree_promo
//= require store/slider.js

But i am not sure if the slider.js file is included in all.js file. Is there any method to test it.

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By default spree app inlcudes all css files in spreesite/app/assets/stylesheets/store/all.css by *= require_tree .
And js files spreesite/app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js the same *= require_tree .
If you need to add stylesheet or js just put the file in spreesite/app/assets/stylesheets/store folder.
Spree automatically includes them.

If js file still doesn't work try rake assets:precompile

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There's a decent chance you precompiled your assets. Try clearing them out, using the following:

bundle exec rake assets:clean
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Can you tell me how i can include jquery in spree application. – Logic-Seeker Mar 13 '12 at 4:28
thanks for the help... I found what i was looking for. Here is the link… – Logic-Seeker Mar 13 '12 at 15:10

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