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I'm trying to use watir to programmically click the "more" button at the bottom of a page like I currently have code that looks like

    require 'watir-webdriver'
    b =
    b.goto ''+ ARGV[2] + '/best_questions'

    show_more = b.button(:id => "more_button")

But I'm having some trouble finding the id of the button in DOM. I'm actually not even sure that this is the correct approach. I'm new to ruby so thanks in advance for your patience and help!

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From chrome or firefox (with firebug) right click on the button and go to inspect element. In the inspector panel you can see that it's actually a div and it looks like this:

<div class="pager_next action_button row" id="__w2_pxNLyPP_more">More</div>

so you would do:

b.div(:text => 'More').click


b.div(:class => 'pager_next').click
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