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In Objective C, C and other pointer supported languages what is the difference between *variablename and & variablename. Isnt it that both contain address location?

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*variablename points to the content of a Pointer considering 'variablename' is a pointer. Whereas &variablename points to the address of the variablename.

&variablename can be applied on normal variables as well as pointers, wheread *variablename can be applied only on pointers.

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For example: If you want a pointer to point to a variable you can write: pointerToVar = &var and access the value of var using *pointerToVar = 5 –  Martin Ullrich Mar 12 '12 at 6:32

Contains the address location of the pointer.


Returns the value that is stored in that memory address.

Heres a picture to better understand enter image description here

The pointer ourPointer holds the address of the integer variable. To get the value of that integer we use the * before the name of our pointer *ourPointer and it gives us the value stored in the address that it holds.

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int *a; //The variable a points to the address of an integer

int &a; //The variable a is an reference to another integer

refer Reference Vs pointers

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