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The opencv document said "If true and the problem is 2-class classification then the method returns the decision function value that is signed distance to the margin"

Is this mean that if the sample belong to the class, it will return positive number. Otherwise return a negative number.

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I have wrote a test project to test the return value mean( returnDFVAL = true), I found that the return value is the distance of the test sample to the margin.

In 2-class, you have 2 label(i.e. 1, -1).

If the test sample belong to smaller label(-1). The distance is plus.

Else if the test sample belong to the bigger label(1) , The distance is minus.

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Yes, but I don't know what is the MAXIMUM limit (the range) of Decision Function!

I have 2-class problem [-1,1] where the feature value are in range [0,1]. When i predict the class with OpenCV, using a test-set, i got various values (in abs) for example: 0.22 ,.., 1.75,..,3.75 (i don't know the absolute maximum value in decision function scale,but only the relative 3.75).

Thank you very much.

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Actually there is no maximum distance in decision. The bigger distance, the better reliability。 And now I use libsvm instead of opencv. I think the libsvm is more clear and easy to use – Samuel May 9 '13 at 3:00

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