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When using cpu_sup module, it returns the following message. My os is mac snow leapord. Is it really true or just my installed erlang problem?

OS_MON (cpu_sup), util/1 unavailable for this OS
10> cpu_sup:util([per_cpu]).

=ERROR REPORT==== 12-Mar-2012::14:48:47 ===
OS_MON (cpu_sup), util/1 unavailable for this OS
11> cpu_sup:util([cpus]).
** exception error: bad argument
     in function  cpu_sup:util/1
13> cpu_sup:util([detailed]).

=ERROR REPORT==== 12-Mar-2012::14:54:33 ===

OS_MON (cpu_sup), util/1 unavailable for this OS

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Don't worry I just got burned in the same way. Stupid module. :-) – rvirding Mar 12 '12 at 23:13
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If you read the docs:

In the very first paragraph you find:

Available for Unix, although CPU utilization values (util/0,1) are only available for Solaris and Linux.

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Sorry for this question. – Chen Yu Mar 12 '12 at 7:16

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