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I have this select element

<select class="zip_plus_master" data-stype='proof'></select>

The values are loaded from a database, where the ID's of these values is the value of the attribute "data-zipid" for all options. An example option is like this:

<option data-zipid='34'>95628-1092</option>

How can I have an option with a certain data-zipid attribute value selected?

After parsing, the value of "data-zipid" for all options is currentJSONset.value

I've tried this:

$('.zip_plus_master[data-stype=proof] option:selected').attr('data-zipid', currentJSONset.value);
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you want an option wiith certain data-zipid as selected? –  Abhidev Mar 12 '12 at 7:19

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To select the option with data-zipid="34":

$('select.zip_plus_master[data-stype=proof] option[data-zipid="34"]').attr('selected', 'selected')
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Thank you very much. You just saved me lots of time –  TaylorMac Mar 12 '12 at 8:03

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