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I have a datalist:

<datalist id="subjects">
<?php foreach($subjects as $v){ ?>
        <option data-subjectid="<?php echo $v[2]; ?>" value="<?php echo ucwords($v[1]); ?>"><?php echo ucwords($v[1]); ?></option>
<?php } ?>

What I want to do is to get the value stored in the data-subjectid attribute of the value that is selected. What I have been doing up until now is to call the .each() function in jQuery like this:

//on Select Change
var selectedvalue = $(this).val();
$('#subjects option').each(function(){
   if(current_value == selectedvalue){
      //get the data-subjectid of current value   

Is there a better and faster way to do this?

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Have you tried $(this).attr('data-subjectid') –  spicavigo Mar 12 '12 at 7:22

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I'm not sure if this is faster (I'm not 100% sure how this selector works under the covers) but you can use the :selected selector to make the code a little cleaner.

var subjectId = $('#subjects option:selected').attr('data-subjectid');
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this only works on select fields and not datalist –  Kyokasuigetsu May 20 '12 at 12:35
This answer is incorrect, the datalist options don't support the :selected pseudo-class (because one datalist can provide for multiple form fields, so technically multiple options can be selected at once by different inputs) –  Stephan Muller Apr 24 at 18:00

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