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I am looking for the best way to implement a pager as per the following simple requirement.

I want a page like this

 <Pager 1 2 3 4 ...>

 <Partial View>

My action controller will look something like this...

    public PartialViewResult DisplayRecordDetails(int recordNumber)
        MyRecord mr = GetRecord(recordNumber);
        return PartialView(mr);

When I click on "1" (page index = 1), I pass 1 as a parameter to the DisplayRecordDetails action method and load the partial view with record 1.

When I click on "2" (page index = 2), I pass 2 as a parameter to the DisplayRecordDetails action method and load the partial view with record 2 and so on...

I will have the total item count info and current page index info at my disposal. Now how can I generate the pager dynamically with this info?

I have tried searching for pager libraries/helpers but all of them are for grids. How can I use them for my situation? I do not have a grid. I just have a partial view which I need to load dynamically depending on the page number.

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You could design a view model which will contain all the id numbers:

public class MyViewModel
    // the currently selected id
    public int Id { get; set; }

    // a list of available ids
    public int[] Ids { get; set; }

And then have a controller action which will query your database or whatever and fetch the list of all available ids:

public ActionResult Index(int? id)
    var model = new MyViewModel
        Id = id ?? 0,
        Ids = new[] { 563, 845, 845 } // those will come from your datasource
    return View(model);

and in the corresponding view you could loop through those ids and generate links:

@model MyViewModel
    @Html.Action("DisplayRecordDetails", new { recordNumber = Model.Id })
@for (var i = 0; i < Model.Ids.Length; i++) 
    <span>@Html.ActionLink((i + 1).ToString(), "Index", new { id = i })</span>
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Thanks Darin. That's a pretty good solution for small number of pages. Now I am left with worrying about the appearance of the pager if I have a long range. Any tricks for 'Next' and 'Previous' functionality? –  Max Mar 12 '12 at 8:49
I just found a simple jQuery plugin that I can use. blog.ajaxmasters.com/jquery-pagination-plugin I just set the items per page = 1, and it works like a charm... –  Max Mar 12 '12 at 20:56

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