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I have following problem. I use this tutorial to creating a multiple file uploader:

But this code uploding only IMAGES. I want this code to upload text files, not images. Is there a possibility to happen.

In file script.js i changed a type of file with this code, but don't work.

        // Called before each upload is started
    beforeEach: function(file){
            alert('Only TXT and CSV files!');

            // Returning false will cause the
            // file to be rejected
            return false;

The error message after uploadied files is "Your browser does not support HTML5 file uploads!" What changes should I make to work correctly? Thanks in advace !

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Copying scripts is all well and good, but actually learning how to program properly will be far more beneficial IMO. – Bojangles Mar 12 '12 at 8:41

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