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I want to display thumbnail image as image icon in ListView. I am using array list that contains all thumbnail images path, these path will be accessed from the server. My arraylist as ahown below.

mylist=['a1','a2','/playback/2012/a1.jpg','b1','b2','/playback/2012/000_b1.jpg', .....]

In this nearly 15 paths are there.. Now i want to display these images in listview.

'a1' is videoName 'a2' is categoryName and one more is path.

These path will be accessed from server only.. I think, we can't store it in drawable. These are always changing. How to solve it?

Please help me.

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Use ImageView in the layout for ListView items and load images as described here:

how to load an imageview by url in android?

and optionally here:

Android - How do I do a lazy load of images in ListView

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