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I am using the TFS API 2010 to insert several error messages into a ITestActionResult. If I do this with the TestRunner (Add Comment) and read the field (ErrorMessage) with the API the string looks like this: "Line1\r\nLine1\r\n"...

If I set the ErrorMessage with TFS API like this: actionResult.ErrorMessage = "Line1\r\nLine2\r\n", the "\r\n" sequence will be ignored! I also try the Environment.NewLine Variable, here the "\r\n" sequence will be treated as a string and not as a escape sequence.

How can I add new lines into ITestActionResult.ErrorMessage similar if I use the TestRunner and push return in a correct way?

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Have you tried to split the line into an array. If the type is an array you cannot use a single string.

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