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I have array:

I have database, and records from there.

FOR EXAMPLE (where db = model)

db = DB.find(:all)

records = db.name


and know, how i can do check (because i have similiar records in DB):

if record name == next record name
 puts "yes, smiliar"
 puts ":("

I need to check current array name to next and if equals as i showed above just make puts "yes"

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what does record = db.name mean? If DB is a model, then DB.find(:all)should return an array which has no method name –  evfwcqcg Mar 12 '12 at 9:41
Looks like a homework assignment to me. –  Dogweather Mar 12 '12 at 9:54

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To compare two elements in array, you may use each_cons method

[1,2,2,2,1].each_cons(2) do |a| 
  puts (a.first == a.last) ? "similar" : ":(" 

# => :(
# => similar
# => similar
# => :(
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Comparing to the previous record is easier. Maybe you can solve your problem this way:

prev = nil
records.each do |record|
    if record.name == prev.name
        puts "similar"
        puts ":("
    prev = record
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If you don't care about the order, I'd use group_by:

db = DB.find(:all, :select => 'name').collect(&:name)
arr = = Array[db.group_by {|x| x}.map {|k,v|  k if v.size > 1}]

The :select => 'name' part is optional, but helps keep the query small.

This returns a list of names which AREN'T unique

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