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The Problem

The url-policy for one of my projects has changed. They want to have lowercase URL's (plain old style). Example:


For now the URL's are like this:


The concept

I will use the URL transformation group "urlalias_compat" to make them lowercaseand compatible to old systems. I have set the following Setting in site.ini.append:


This works fine for new published objects. The solution satisfies all my URL-bahavior wishes, but...

The Question

How can i regenrate the eZURL-Table?

All Nodes which were published before the change are saved in the old URL-scheme (1.3 million Articles) If i re-publish them, they will have the mew URL-scheme, but i need a solution which does not make so much work to do. It's inpossible to deploy such a change and repulish all Objects in the whole eZPublish instance.

Any ideas?

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A dedicated script is shipped with eZ Publish, to be run every time the TransformationGroup setting is updated.

Detailed explanations can be found on the official documentation page, right here : http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/Technical-manual/4.x/Reference/Configuration-files/site.ini/URLTranslator/TransformationGroup


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