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What is the difference between SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Express edition and which is better? I can't understand the relationship between these two. Can anyone help me?

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You are talking about 2 different things.

SQL Server Express is one edition (a variant) of SQL Server.

SQL Server Management Studio is a tool that you use to access SQL Server (any edition). You would use it, for instance, to access SQL Server Express, but not as a replacement of SQL Server Express.

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Sql Server Management Studio:
It is the tool used to administering, configuring of sqlserver components by using script
editors and graphical tools

sqlserver express is the express edition of sqlserver

You can find the list of sql server editions from following link

In simple words it(sqlserver management studio) is the interface to access sqlserver(database) of any edition(Express,Enterprise,Developer etc)

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Management Studio is Management Studio. There are not various differences. THe DB has various capabilities, but management studio is management studio.

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