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I have two xcode projects in different folders, project A - is iOS App, project B - is Cocoa Framework. I want to add second project to first project as a framework, how can I do this?

(How I implement this:

Build and run B project -> Move root directory of B project in A project -> check 'Copy files' and select all targets and click Add -> but in this step if I try run #import <B/B.h> or #import "B.h" I catch error about not found file B.h in project A)

Also, in this example project B is OAuthConsumer.

UPD: As far as I understood I need to include framework which is located in *.xcodeproj file? If it's so - then I got it right.

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Check manual of how to integrate CorePlot framework into your Xcode project:read here. I believe that in your case you could try one of the described approaches.

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This manual contains 2 points: 1. Copy the CorePlotHeaders directory to your Xcode project 2. Copy the Core Plot library to your Xcode project. What is Core Plot library file? Where can I find this? –  Ilya Ilin Mar 12 '12 at 9:59
I advice to use another approach: Dependent Project Install. But if you want static library install you should be sure that your second project build library on output. –  Nekto Mar 12 '12 at 11:02

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