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I am working on a project for iPad Application, Where I will get XML Response from the Server which will tell me path_to_files and path_to_be_stored on iPhone (Documents Directory of my App, of course).

As the data to be downloaded from the server is quite large, I am curios to know whether it is appropriate option to Synchronize data from server to the device.

Other option to this, Bundling the data with the App, Which will make the .ipa larger.

Parsing XML, Creating folders in DocumentsDirectory, Copying files in to those folders are okay with me. I am sure, this kind of project is very common in iPad Apps. But I don't know what path to follow to accomplish this.

I wanted to know, how (in which manner) large data should be downloaded and kept on iPhone for future purpose. What Apple Guidelines I may break by doing so, as data is quite large (for iOS App, at least)?

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Please read the iOS 5.0 storage guideline of the Apple

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Thanks for the Link. I read this Info somewhere else. So, I was wondering if I am breaking any guideline by Apple. –  Krishna Mar 12 '12 at 10:22

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