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While playing around with some hooks I noticed that the output from the hooks invoked when pushing to a remote repository are subtly different:

stdin: [[old-value new-value ref-name]]

hooks/update ref-name old-value new-value

stdin: [[old-value new-value ref-name]]

hooks/post-update ref-name


  • *value: a commit hash
  • ref-name: for example, refs/heads/master

The format of the information the hooks receive is not consistent, but of particular interest to this question is that pre and post receive can accept multiple updated refs via standard input. The docs say:

This hook executes once for the receive operation. It takes no arguments, but for each ref to be updated it receives on standard input a line of the format:

old-value new-value ref-name

Therefore, under what circumstances would these hooks receive multiple values?

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Ppushing multiple branch/tag will generate multiple values. You can do commands like:

 git push origin branch1 branch2 branch3 tag1 tag2 tag3
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/me facepalm. Of course. Not to mention that the default value of push.default is "matching" which would push all local branches with a same-name branch in the remote (in one go) - a default I've long since overridden in my global .gitconfig file to upstream and forgotten about evidently... Thanks! –  AD7six Mar 13 '12 at 8:50

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