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I want to use Javascript to parse a tweet and return an array containing the people mentioned in that tweet. Twitter usernames all begin with @. Assuming that I already have the string, how can this be done?

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any full source code sample html-javascript? –  Kiquenet Oct 18 '13 at 14:33

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var tweet = "hello to @you and @him!";
var users = tweet.match(/@\w+/g);
console.log(users); // Will return an array containing ["@you", "@him"]

Then, you can strip the @ to only get the names:

for (userIndex = 0; userIndex < users.length; userIndex++)
    users[userIndex] = users[userIndex].substr(1);

Which will then return the array as

["you", "him"]
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​var tweet = 'This tweet is for @me and @you #hashtag';
var matches = tweet.match(/@\w+/g);


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