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I have a big list of log files in a particular directory , related to my java Application under my Linux Remote Servers .

When i do ls on that particular directory it shows a list of files (nearly 100 files )

Now in that List of files , i need to find out a particular word , please tell me , how can i do this ??

The problem is that I cannot open each and every file and search for that word using /

Please tell me how can i search for a word in the list of files provided .

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possible duplicate of linux + find word in file under directory but quickly – Shahbaz Mar 12 '12 at 11:34
I mean, not exactly duplicate, but the answer is also there, which could easily be found in the related questions. – Shahbaz Mar 12 '12 at 11:35
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grep is made for this.

Use grep myword *

And check man grep.

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You can use this command:

grep -rn "string" *

n for showing line number with the filename r for recursive

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This is a very frequent task in linux. I use grep -rn '' . all the time to do this. -r for recursive (folder and subfolders) -n so it gives the line numbers, the dot stands for the current directory.

grep -rn '<word or regex>' <location>

do a

man grep 

for more options

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also you can try the following.

find . -name '*.java' -exec grep "<yourword" /dev/null {} \;

It gets all the files with .java extension and searches 'yourword' in each file, if it presents, it lists the file.

Hope it helps :)

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You are looking for grep command.

You can read 15 Practical Grep Command Examples In Linux / UNIX for some samples.

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use this command grep "your word" searchDirectory/*.log

Get more on this link

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You could club find with exec as follows to get the list of the files as well as the occurrence of the word/string that you are looking for

find . -exec grep "my word" '{}' \; -print
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