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I am looking for some advices about deploying a Symfony2 web application. I got introduce to Amazon EC2 few days ago and we decided to use it to deploy our app.

Actually I am basically looking for a well set up AMI to get start. I have been quite disapointed that the Elastic Beanstalk doesn't have a native support for PHP based apps.

I have been developping on a wamp server and and my app will communicate with an Oracle database also in Amazon RDS (that's why we choose Amazon ).

I have checked this website http://bitnami.org/cloud/bitnami-applications-in-the-cloud that provides a Lamp stack. What do you think about it? The point is that I am not used to Unix base OS and I would appreciate an AMI that doesn't need many configurations.



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Elastic Beanstalk now provides direct support for PHP.

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Bitnamis CloudImages are pretty solid and well maintained, so it's an easy way to get your server up and running without too much headache as Unix beginner. Maybe their Cloud Hosting is an option, too.

On the other hand it's good to know what's powering your web applications and how this "stuff" works. Take a look at this article about building a LAMP on EC2: Building EC2 Amazon Linux with LAMP.

You can also go with this tutorial: "Running phpMyAdmin On Nginx (LEMP) on Debian Squeeze / Ubuntu" in conjunction with Debian or Ubuntu CloudImages.

Hope that helps :)

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