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I'm sure this should be simple, but I've got totally stuck. What I'd like to do is view CML (Chemical Markup Language) files on my harddrive within chrome. If I view an arbitrary xml file chrome displays this beautifully.

If I view a cml file on the web, this usually displays fine. However, if I try and view a cml file on my harddrive, chrome insists on downloading it. More simply: - works file://Users/me/table1.cml - doesn't

If I rename the file extension to xml, then it works.

I know there are umpteen extensions I could download to do this, but it seems overkill as chrome already does what I want.

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CML files get rendered as XML from the server because the server is telling Chrome it is XML with header Content-Type:application/xml. When a local file is opened there is no Content-Type header so Chrome guesses off of the file extension and in this case is not aware of CML. You could open a feature request for Chrome to read CML files as XML but I don't know if they will implement it:

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Thanks for the answer. It's helpful to understand why I was struggling and that I wasn't just missing something simple. I can't help thinking there must be some setting somewhere I could set to tell chrome to use the XML content handler for CML files. – linucks Mar 14 '12 at 12:20

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