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i have following RegisterRoutes method in global.asax of my web forms application`

routes.MapPageRoute("about", "about", "~/about.aspx");
            new Route("", new RootRouteHandler())

The first route works ok i.e when i type http://localhost:9898/about but when i go to root address like 'http://localhost:9898' it does not invoke RootRouteHandler. this is the code for route handler

public class RootRouteHandler : IRouteHandler
        public IHttpHandler GetHttpHandler(RequestContext requestContext)
            var address = requestContext.HttpContext.Request.Headers["host"];
            string host = string.Empty;
            var index = address.IndexOf('.');
                host = address.Substring(0, index);
            var virtualPath = string.Format("~/{0}/default.aspx", host);
            var page = BuildManager.CreateInstanceFromVirtualPath(virtualPath, typeof(Page)) as Page;
            return page;

*Edit:*when i add route like

routes.Add("root",new Route("default",new RootRouteHandler());

then the handler is called fine for the address http://localhost:9898/default but i need to get it working for root address. any ideas?

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I think you need to create a new RouteBase in order to route for the host and override GetRouteData Method. Consider deriving from RouteBase and provide a functionality for host based route and add it to RouteCollection.


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