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I'm a designer (read: I know Photoshop) with HTML/CSS skills, and limited PHP skills. I've done some Drupal templates, I've worked with views, panels, etc. So I can't create modules.

Can I still use the Form API (inside views, through rewriting field output for example) to create a custom "Submit Node" page?

If so, how would one accomplish this?

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I believe it requires much coding to achieve that.

To get yourself started in rewriting views output, go to your views page "admin/structure/views/view/VIEW_ID/edit" -> Advanced section -> Theme: Information at the very bottom of the list.

Display output section: all the template suggestions that can be applied to the whole view (only one template can be applied).

Style output section: any template in this section is applied to every row of the view result.

Row style output section: any template in this section is applied to every field in each row of the view result.

Then you will find template suggestions to every field in the view.


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