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On an OpenSuSE linux machine, I want to run a script when the machine is booted. As the script does not start a service, is /etc/rc.d the correct place for the script?


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Considering that some scripts in /etc/rc.d don't actually leave a process running in the background, meaning that not all of those are "services" per se, I think /etc/rc.d is a good place to leave something you want to be executed at boot. –  Martín Canaval Mar 12 '12 at 13:21

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That's where I've always put them. There are several scripts in rc.d already which don't actually start a process. However, you need to write it in a similar fashion to the other startup scripts - have a look at a few to see how they are set up. Specifically, you should make sure that it's possible to run the script using /etc/rc.d/myscript start.

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