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i integrate the facebook in my android application and i use this code to get the friends

try {

Facebook mFacebook = new Facebook(Constants.FB_APP_ID);
AsyncFacebookRunner mAsyncRunner = new AsyncFacebookRunner(mFacebook);
Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
bundle.putString("fields", "birthday");
 mFacebook.request("me/friends", bundle);

}catch(Exception e){
Log.e(Constants.LOGTAG, " " + CLASSTAG + " Exception = "+e.getMessage());

so it there a way to get the online friends ?

and i post wall of friends by this method

     Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
    parameters.putString("message", message);
    parameters.putString("description", "integrating stuff");
    try {
    String response = facebook.request("me/feed", parameters, "POST");
    Log.d("Tests", "got response: " + response);
    if (response == null || response.equals("") ||
        response.equals("false")) {
        showToast("Blank response.");
    else {
        showToast("Message posted to your facebook wall!");
} catch (Exception e) {
    showToast("Failed to post to wall!");

and also is there a way to send message to friends inbox not post in the wall

thx on advance

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You get online friends if you are Facebook chat clients which is very different thing. Till now you cannot send private message there is send dialog but I didn't try to use it before

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