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I have 3 Images (Image1, Image2, Image3),

Using a timer control with interval value of 5000, i.e 5second, I want to accomplish the following:

  • Initially, only Image1 is visible to the user middle of the form, i.e the 2 images are set to be invisible.
  • When load the form appear and image1 appears exact middle of the form
  • After 5 seconds, the image1 disappear and image 2 appears right side.
  • After 5 seconds, the image2 disappear and image3 appears left side
  • After 5 seconds, the image3 disappear and the image1 appear

I am setting timer control's Enable property to "True" in Design time. I am setting timer control's Interval property value to 5000 in Design Time.

I assume that I do all the coding but not working only displaying two images

Can anyone help me code what I want to accomplish?

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Very "dirty" solution: keep a status variable from 0 to 2 (included) and increment for each tick then show/hide each image with that.

On the timer tick event handler:

if (++_status > 2)
 _status = 0;

pctImage1.Visible = _status == 0;
pctImage2.Visible = _status == 1;
pctImage3.Visible = _stauts == 2;
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