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So we can select one item li:eq('+(lastItemIndex)+')' I wonder how to select this item and all items that are next from it to the end? jsfiddle demo here (in which we would like to change all elements in li from 3 to last one)

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I wonder about li items selectors, not about how to select all items that belong to cless toHide=) –  myWallJSON Mar 12 '12 at 12:12

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You should use nextAll();

var lastItemIndex = 3;
$('li').eq(lastItemIndex).nextAll('li').css("opacity", 0);​


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use li:gt('+(lastItemIndex - 1)+')'

heres your updated code


jQuery(':gt(index)') Selects all elements greater than given index. Subtracting one from your lastItemIndex to get 'greater than or equal to' :)

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You can combine :gt and :lt to create yourself a range selector

 $('ul li:gt(2):lt('+$('ul li').length+')')


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