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when I create a list of links and give those links an a:hover state, I want the entire link, including the bullet point, to highlight on hover. But what because my list has a defined width which is wider than the As, the LIs pick up the :hover and change color before the As do. This looks messy! Like this:


See what I mean? It's like the A & the LI are separate entities, triggering at different times.

If I try adding a display:block to the A styling, all I get is weird display issues in Firefox & a slight improvement in other browsers, but it certainly doesn't solve the problem.

I can change the list-style-type to none and put a :before bullet entity on my LIs, like so:


And that seems to work fine, in Safari & Firefox at least, but as a solution it seems kind of rough/messy/unlikely to be supported in all browsers.

Anyone know a 'bullet-proof' (hah!) way to get this to work, or should I just go ahead and implement in the manner of the 2nd JSfiddle- list-style-none, bullet :before? Thanks!

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You can use li:hover a instead of a:hover to style the link, e.g: http://jsfiddle.net/NgWLR/2/

PS: Please remove remove unrelated code when showing examples.

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Sorry for the extra code, and thank you, this is the clear & simple fix I was looking for! – Ila Mar 12 '12 at 12:46

As per i understand remove display:block from your <a> tag. LIke this:

Check this http://jsfiddle.net/NgWLR/1/

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