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I'm currently running an automation involving the android emulator, whereby I install apps to the emulator's sdcard via adb.

The project will involve installing many apps (in the thousands) and so management of the device's resources is an issue. I currently uninstall all apps immediately after they have served their purpose so storage space is recycled throughout the automation.

The problem is - after a certain number of iterations, the emulator breaks and returns to the "android" load screen, with no progress at all. At this point, I kill it from adb and restart.

For a fresh emulator that i just created with 8GB SD, 1024MB RAM and a heap of 24 - this happens after around 250 app installations, all of which had subsequently been removed.

After restarting, a run would only last 50 or so installations until eventually the emulator doesn't boot at all (just stays on the load screen)

Procrank tells me that there's no excessive memory usage (this is for a broken emu that won't start):

  PID      Vss      Rss      Pss      Uss  cmdline
30443    3628K    3628K    3193K    3024K  /system/bin/mediaserver
   32     700K     700K     350K     208K  /system/bin/rild
   29     544K     544K     227K     172K  /system/bin/vold
   30     508K     508K     196K     140K  /system/bin/netd
    1     208K     208K     193K     192K  /init
   40     200K     200K     185K     184K  /sbin/adbd
30449     328K     328K     132K     116K  procrank
   36     408K     408K     129K      84K  /system/bin/keystore
   38     336K     336K     122K     104K  /system/bin/qemud
   31     300K     300K     104K      88K  /system/bin/debuggerd
30448     328K     328K     100K      60K  /system/bin/sh
   37     328K     328K     100K      60K  /system/bin/sh
   51     316K     316K      99K      76K  /system/bin/qemu-props
   27     316K     316K      94K      60K  /system/bin/sh
   35     272K     272K      90K      76K  /system/bin/installd
   28     284K     284K      88K      72K  /system/bin/servicemanager

and restarting the adb server doesn't have any effect. I've looked into the responsiveness of the emulator's JVM - it seems to manage its own resources, but maybe there's something I'm missing?

I have seen some more substantial memory usage in the past when running the same automation:

  PID      Vss      Rss      Pss      Uss  cmdline
  996   26644K   25144K   13171K    6140K  system_server
  991   25844K   25844K   12418K    4456K  zygote
  970   11176K   11176K    4248K    2604K  app_process
 1037   11172K   11172K    4244K    2600K  app_process
 1053   11168K   11168K    4243K    2600K  app_process

Completely stumped with this one...

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