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I am writing a crawling application. Somewhere in the code Ive got:

//normally the HTML is obtained from web with QNetworkAccessManager & QNetworkReply:
//QString htmlCode = this->reply->readAll();  

//exemplary test HTML
QString htmlCode =QString("<html><body><a href=\'\'>test1</a><h2>test2<h2><a href=\"  \">test3</a></body></html>"); 
QWebPage page;
QWebFrame * frame = page.mainFrame(); //->setHtml(htmlCode);
QWebElement document = frame->documentElement();
QWebElementCollection links = document.findAll("a");
foreach (QWebElement e, links) {
   qDebug() << "exemplary link:" << e.toPlainText();

I do realize, that there's been like a milion of topics about parsing html in qt here, but i have no idea, what is wrong here...

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What is the issue? No elements or blanks "toPlainText"? [UPD] Oups, the title says it. – Koying Mar 12 '12 at 12:29
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Mmm... I'm not sure the setHtml()works fully synchronously, i.e. I think the frame content is not fully parsed at that time and thus the DOM content is not yet available.

You should try to connect to void QWebFrame::loadFinished ( bool ok ) and do your DOM crawling there.

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