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I'm trying to send a request with POST parameters in Netty.

I searched Netty API, Google, and here (Stack Overflow)

but didn't find any good way to do it. (It could be my fault of terrible searching skill :'( If so, I apologize)

Is there any API to do it easily?

Or do I have to do it by encoding all parameters and setting it in the content by myself?

Please let me know any good way to do it.

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Here's an example of how you would do a file upload:


If you don't want to upload a file, just ignore the MIME multipart bit.

Try something like:

HttpRequest httpReq=new DefaultHttpRequest(HttpVersion.HTTP_1_1,HttpMethod.POST,uri);
String params="a=b&c=d";
ChannelBuffer cb=ChannelBuffers.copiedBuffer(params,Charset.defaultCharset());

See Sending POST params with Netty and why isn't DefaultHttpDataFactory not in the releases?

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Thanks :-) Actually I just wanna know whether there is an easy way to send a request with POST parameters like the following: request.addParameter("name", "value"); –  Johnny Lim Mar 13 '12 at 1:09

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