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What is the exact difference between using rawquery and execSQL ?? While writing a query in android activity, when to use rawquery and when to use execSQL ?

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From API Doc:

public void execSQL (String sql)

Execute a single SQL statement that is NOT a SELECT or any other SQL statement that returns data.

public Cursor rawQuery (String sql, String[] selectionArgs)

Runs the provided SQL and returns a Cursor over the result set.

If you want to e.g. CREATE TABLE that does not return values you can use execSQL(), if you want a Cursor as result use rawQuery() (=SELECT statements).

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got it clear .. execSQL doesnt return anything and used for creating,updating etc .. and rawQuery returns cursors etc. – Dileep Perla Mar 12 '12 at 14:09

if you want to execute something in database without concerning its output (e.g create/alter tables), then use execSQL, but if you are expecting some results in return against your query (e.g. select records) then use rawQuery

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