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here is my input string:
bar somthing foo bar somthing foo

I would like to count number of a character (ex: 't') between bar & foo
bar somthing foo -> 1
bar somthing foo -> 1

I know we can use
and then count number of character in matches[1] with a String function

Is there way to do this w/o string function to count?

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Accept some answers already. –  Qtax Mar 12 '12 at 12:38

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A Perl solution:

$_ = 'bar test this thing foo';
my $count = /bar(.*?)foo/ && $1 =~ tr/t//;
print $count;



Just for fun, using a single expression with (?{ code }):

$_ = 'bar test this thing foo';

my $count = 0;
/bar ( (?:(?!bar)[^t])*+ ) (?:t (?{ ++$count; }) (?-1) )*+ foo/x or $count = 0;

print $count;
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@Qtax: the subject says PCRE... so it's not exactly perl. Hence (?{ code }) would most probably be unsupported (let alone the full perl code). Though both solutions are cool ;)

@tqwer: you can get the match and then replace [^t] with "" and check length.. though i am not sure what the logic behind counting with regex would be ;)

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