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Using Sox, how do I shorten an audio file by 5 seconds, trimming from the end?

For example, this is how to trim a file from the beginning:

    sox input output trim 5000

This is how to add 5 seconds of silence to the end:

    sox input output pad 0 5000
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The syntax is sox input output trim <start> <end>

e.g. sox input.wav output.wav trim 0 00:35 will trim until the 35th second.

You can know what the length is using sox input -n stat

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This cuts the file to the good length but this adds an annoying click noise at the end. –  John Smith Optional Mar 19 at 17:15

Above command is wrong, it will get you last 5 seconds only. You actually need to use:

sox input output reverse trim 5 reverse 

which will cut 5 seconds from end of the file.

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I figured that there is an easier way to do it. Adding the minus will do the rest. Following will cut the last 5 sec sox input output trim 0 -5 –  get8p Feb 15 '13 at 14:09

There is an easier way to cut off 5 seconds by using the reverse.

sox input output reverse trim 0 5 reverse 

So it would reverse the file, trim the first 5 seconds, and reverse it back

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This doesn't work. –  John Smith Optional Mar 19 at 17:12

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