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Here is the question
Assume table has three columns, usrname,passwd and no_of_logins.

when user tries to login its checked for an entry with query like


If passwd matches,he proceeds further. What I would like to do , is to count how many time the user logged in. Thus When ever he successfully logs i would like to increment the no_of_logins field and store it back to the user table. I'm not sure how to run update query with sqlalchemy,thanks for help.

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user.no_of_logins += 1
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thanks ,i never thought it would so simply like this :) –  lakshmipathi Mar 12 '12 at 12:57
stackoverflow.com/a/2334917/125507 says this is a bad way to do it. Also what if the row doesn't exist yet? –  endolith Aug 2 at 18:13

With the help of user=User.query.filter_by(username=form.username.data).first() statement you will get the specified user in user variable.

Now you can change the value of the new object variable like user.no_of_logins += 1 and save the changes with the session's commit method.

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thanks again it works :) I started to like sqlalchemy now :P –  lakshmipathi Mar 12 '12 at 13:01

There are several ways to UPDATE using sqlalchemy

1) user.no_of_logins += 1

2) session.query().\
       filter(User.username == form.username.data).\
       update({"no_of_logins": (User.no_of_logins +1)})

3) conn = engine.connect()
   stmt = User.update().\
       values(User.no_of_logins = (User.no_of_logins + 1)).\
       where(User.username == form.username.data)
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