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I am new to PostgreSQL database I just want to know is there any GUI Tool for PostgreSQL just like SQLYog for MySql

Thanks in advance

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I'd prefer Navicat for PostgreSQL.

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it is expected to provide open source tools. As this question is basically for the audience who would be using postgres from scratch and not willing to invest much at the same point. –  sumitramteke Aug 21 at 4:26
Retarded semantics, crashed all the time, stupid user interface, and expensive. Honestly one of the most disappointing user experiences I've ever had. I can't believe they can even charge money for this program. –  tponthieux Sep 15 at 18:35

There is a comprehensive list of tools on the PostgreSQL Wiki:


And of course PostgreSQL itself comes with pgAdmin, a GUI tool for accessing Postgres databases.

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I've been trying out pgAdmin, and frankly it seems terrible. I only have one database, and it takes me 6 clicks to open up my list of tables, then a right click and view in a separate window just to see the data in a table. I do not recommend it. –  CorayThan Oct 21 at 19:15
@CorayThan: I agree ;) (although I wouldn't call it "terrible") But I don't use pgAdmin either. –  a_horse_with_no_name Oct 21 at 19:25
Perhaps "obtuse" would've been a better term! Functionally, it does seem fine. –  CorayThan Oct 21 at 19:30

Postgres Enterprise Manager from EnterpriseDB is probably the most advanced you'll find. It includes all the features of pgAdmin, plus monitoring of your hosts and database servers, predictive reporting, alerting and a SQL Profiler.


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