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Possible Duplicate:
How do I format numbers to have only two decimal places?

I have looked all over for a solution. Say i have a variable with a number like this:

$price1 = 1597;
$price2 = 1497.85;

Is there a function that displays 2 decimal places without rounding off when there is a even number:

$price1 = 1597.00;
$price2 = 1497.85;


I have found the problem, the SUM(total) MySQL function rounds off the value:

          $result = mysql_query("SELECT SUM(total), SUM(subtotal) FROM jos_vm_order_list WHERE user_id = '$user_id'");

while($totalrow = mysql_fetch_array($result))

    $total = $row['SUM(total)'];
    $total = number_format($total, 2, '.', '');
    $subtotal = $row['SUM(subtotal)'];
    $subtotal = number_format($subtotal, 2, '.', '');


Is there anyway it can not round off while using the MySQL SUM() function?

Thank you for the help in advance.

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number_format($number, 2, '.', '');
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sounds like number_format is what you're looking for. just use it like this:

echo number_format($price,2,'.',''); // dot as dec_point, no thousands separator
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echo number_format(98,2);


php ./ttt.php
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use number_format PHP Function:


You can not specify just the decimal point or 1000 separator, if you specify one you need to specify both. When working with decimals, it will function like round () and put things at or over .5 up, and under .5 down.

Like below:

 number_format ($price, 2);
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you must be passing all the four parameters otherwise unwanted thousand separator will be added – Shakti Singh Mar 12 '12 at 13:03

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